Focus and Scope

PASCA is a peer-review journal, publishes scholarly articles of high quality on Theology, Christian education, and related fields and particularly focuses on the metatheoretical conception of the relation between Theology, Religious Studies, and Christian Education.

PASCA encourages dialogue between divergent theoretical, conceptual and disciplinary languages, with a view to reconceptualizing Theology, Religious Studies, and Christian Education (in theory and praxis) in the light of Theological Studies, especially more recent social and rhetorical Theories of Religion and contemporary theories of Christian education.

PASCA promotes interdisciplinary approaches to Religious Studies, Theology, Christian Education, and related fields, and invites contributions from scholars in various fields, notably:

  • Theological Studies
  • Comparative studies in religion and inter-faith dialogue
  • Biblical Theology
  • Old Testament and New Testament Theology
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Religion in Culture and Society
  • Christian Education